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Heating a greenhouse

Having been caught out again by the recent cold spell so I decided to invest in a small paraffin heater for my greenhouse

After several false starts with the height of the wick and smoke I now appear to have sorted it.

The one thing I'm not sure about is the effect of the paraffin on seedlings and plants.

There is a faint odour of paraffin in the greenhouse even though there is ventilation as advised in the instructions, when I open the door and obviously if the wick smokes at all it can leave a faint black sooty covering on everything. Are either of these really harmful.

On the plus side my seedlings are now taking off





  • Gold1locksGold1locks Posts: 498

    The black stuff is carbon, whiich, in very small quantities isn't likely to be harmful. Nor is the smell going to harm the plants. Burning paraffin produces carbon dioxide and water. The carbon dioxide is good for plant photosynthesis, but the water can lead to condensation on the plants, which can lead to a problem with moulds, especially in winter. Give the plants good ventilation when possible. 

  • i started off using a paraffin heater and had the same problems with the black sooty stuff all over the greenhouse and did my plants and seedlings no good, in fact i lost quite a few, i stopped using it and went onto an electric fan heater with thermostat which i would recommend plants perked up and started growing strong and you can control the temp so much better instead of it being all over the place.

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