Fertilizing with BIOGROW (how often)

Hi, I have just purchased an organic fertilizer 'BIOGROW' made by 'BioBizz', on the label it says to 2-4ml/Litre and to use every time I water my plants (Passion fruit, Chilli ect).

 Considering I have a heated floor and water my plants often, would this be over-fertilizing them?

A further note : I have just planted seeds - should I fetilize them now or wait until the first true leaves have grown?



  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,647

    Newbie, those instructions would result in serious over-fertilising. The chillies particularly. Chillies are very like tomatoes, they thrive on controlled neglect.

    Planted seeds have no use for fertiliser. You only run the risk of the seeds rotting if the mix gets too wet.


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