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clematis and fost

I pruned my clematis  in mid March. Following the recent severe frosts the tips and some buds have been frost damaged. Do I leave or prune further? This has affected both group 2 and 3 plants particularly Dr Ruppel and Niobe

Any advice appreciated please.

Thank you


  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ...I've had this trouble too and have just been out and cut back the dead growths to lower buds... done the same on some roses that were just shooting... it's such a shame isn't it?  I've also got Niobe but have some new stems coming up from the base which look alright... not as many as I would like though...

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,638

    I am leaving mine after doing the same thing in that nice warm week we had at the start of March.  I have fed them and talked to them but will wait to see where new growth starts again before pruning back to a healthy bud.

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