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New build house garden

I moved into a brand new house nearly 4yrs ago, we are told to let things 'settle' before we do anything. I have done this, now I want to sort my garden out. I have dug a border but the soil under the grass is awful. Bits of crockery etc.... basically a load of rubbish. 

What do I need to lay down to make a nice border? I don't want weeds etc. I don't want to plant any flowers either. I just want some nice decorative stones etc. Should I put some kind of material down and then cover with stones etc?

Sorry for the really silly question but I am NOT green fingered in the slightest image


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    Seems a shame to just put a garden to stone but a weed control fabric and some decorative stone is pretty much it. Your missing out on what you could have thou. Maybe try a few pots and baskets  see if anything takes your fancy.

  • Oh yes, I'm going to do some lovely pots and hanging baskets etc. We're not planning on staying here long to be honest so I'm hopefully moving to a place with a nicer garden or something with some potential. I just want to make this garden something nicer to look at rather than just a square of grass.


     image Thanks very much for your reply x

  • Weed control fabric is a must, get most of the rubble out if possible, otherwise it will puncture the fabric and you'll get weeds.  I'd probably double it up just to be sure.  Don't get your decorative stone from a garden centre, you'll pay a fortune.  You can get similar in very big bags from your local builders' merchants, most will deliver for a small fee.  If you don't have vehicular access to where you want to put the stone, make sure you have use of a wheelbarrow (flutter your eyelashes and maybe builders merchants will lend you one).  Might seem daft, but since I got a wheelbarrow, EVERYONE wants to borrow it!  If you're prettying up ready to sell, try a curved border to your gravel/stone bed, it looks nicer than straight edges - a bit more modern.

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