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Help - plant advice for wet, heavy clay shade

Michelle7Michelle7 Posts: 17

Hi - can anybody recommend some plants that will do well in damp, heavy clay soil and shade?  I've tried several plants all of which have died........Hydrangea, Astrantia, Bergenia, Anemone.

My climbing Hydrangea seems to be thriving as is the Wigela, Viburnum and Perovskia. 

Many thanks,



  • Euonymous fortunei, pyracantha, dicentra spectabilis, fatsia japonica, choisya ternata, pleioblastus, most ivies including colchicas, darmera peltata, some ferns, aruncus... Any and all would benefit from a good thick mulch. Your problem may well have been surface water freezing as the plants you've killed shouldn't have minded the clay or shade otherwise. Dig in some composted bark if you want to improve surface drainage.

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