Growing leeks

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I'm a leek novice and as a result, hadn't really thought through the practicalities of growing them - I didn't realise they had such a long growing time image

I've planted some seeds in modules, currently sitting in cold frame with nothing doing. Problem is, I assume I'm now not going to have any leeks ready until late autumn/early winter so I'm not sure I want them using up lots of my limited veggie plot all spring and summer!

If i put them into 3" pots once they germinate, how long could I leave them in there until putting them into the soil? Ie could I leave them grouped in pots until September when I'll have space freed up elsewhere??


  • I doubt that you would get them through to september in such conditions. You are right they do generally require a long growing season and as such would do much better in the ground. Alternatively, have you got any large deep pots to grow them on to one side where they won't have to take up your garden space. as long as they have a deep enough pot and are well spaced then they should do ok.

    If you are growing new potatoes the leeks can usually wait until you have cleared them and then use the cleared potatoe ground.

  • Bf206Bf206 Posts: 235
    I've got a deep 12" pot which i could use... Thank you!
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