Cucumber seedlings

My cucumber seedlings are leggy because I left them in the airing cupboard to long.  When I pot them on could I bury some of the bear stalk?  It works for other plants such as tomatoes but would it work for cucumbers?  At £3.99 for 4 seeds I don't want to risk losing these seedlings.


  • I certainly have been doing that with my seedlings that are leggy and they seem to be ok.

  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 370

    Thanks, I'll go ahead and do it.

  • Hi MuddyFork - I would advise against planting your cucumber plants deeper - they do not like getting the stems wet. If you have sown all you have not sure what to suggest! £3.99 sounds a lot for 4 seeds!

  • ItalophileItalophile Posts: 1,647

    It's also very very early for cukes. They're probably the veg that need the most warmth of all.

  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 370

    Thanks guys, I sowed at my normal time but forgot about the pot in the airing cupboard for 2 days and in that time they had germinated and reached about 3 cms tall.  My own fault!  I shall continue to mollycoddle them until the warm weather arrives. 

    Chilli, I thought I'd read somewhere about them hating damp stems so hence my question.


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    I haven't sown my cucumbers yet but I got mine from Lidl. £3.99 for 4 seeds is very expensive. I paid just 99p for 10 seeds, I have grown these for the last two or three years and I have had wonderful cucumbers. Hope yours are ok though good luck.image

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    I have started growing cucumber in march indoors but they have been very slow to get going is there anything that i can do to give them a boost
  • Thanks to MuddyFork I remembered I needed to get new seed for my greenhouse growing image - variety is Passandra - I've ordered them from Amazon at £1.99 plus 99p postage.

    Outside I'll be growing marketmore. Love cukes!

  • Just checked my 2 Cucumber seed packets the "Vega F1" only has 4 seeds, but Crystal apple has 20, both from Thompson & Morgan.

    Has anyone tried Franchi seeds of Italy for Cucumber seeds? (they seem to give more seeds per pack for everything else)

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    Haven't tried them for cuke seeds, Newbie, but they give you plenty of seeds for your money and are usually reliable germinators. My only dud experience was a packet of Melon seeds that produced mainly crossed results. Very frustrating.

  • MuddyForkMuddyFork Posts: 370

    Newbie, mine were Vega F1 from T&M.  Germinated in 2 days in the warm, you have been warned  image

  • Hi MuddyFork - mine took about 10days on a west facing window sill (I am running out of window space image so I'll have to get a heated probagator next spring), the crystal apple where a couple of days faster. 

    Italophile - all my Franchi seeds germinated even the Globe Artichokes that I'd given up on image

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