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Well I carefully saved my free seed packets from various gardening magazines and kept them unopened waiting for the weather to improve. So I was a little dissapointed and perhaps naive to see how few each contained. Still I won't look a gift horse in the mouth and as this will be the first sewings in our new (but old and overgrown) garden I will enjoy every vegetable that I grow and eat and every flower that I see and smell.



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    Some of the ones you pay for don't havemany in them either

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    That is true Nut, it says on the packet how many are in there, in case you need some more of a particular variety, but you will be surprised as to how far 25/50 seedling will go. 

    Sometimes its nice just to grow a few of each plant, last year I made the mistake of chucking the whole lot in a seed tray, then couldn't bring myself to throw any away once they germinated, hence 500 of some things!!

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
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    Only just started getting into veg and have noticed that the veg seeds seem to be a lot more expensive than the flowers. Free seeds are great.

    I've done the same Lyn, last year I sowed an entire packet of snap dragons, and they all germinatedimage, gave loads away the garden was full of them, a great show. This year I've started to divide my seed trays into 3 and sow a bit more thinly.

  • image I have done the very same with my snap dragons and now have that many I cant keep up with the pricking out. I cant throw them away either. Can they be planted in little clumps do you think or do they need singles out?

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    I often plant in small clumps sam, especially annuals that don't seem to single out without collapsing. I'm more careful with the perennials.

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    Still waiting for my free seeds from the Daily Mirror. Sent postage money and tokens weeks ago.Anyone received their seeds yet?

  • Jamjaf, which magazines do you get for the free seeds.  I get the Kitchen Garden magazine, they mostly use king's seeds, although I think there are some other ones on there too.  They're doing courgette seeds next month, I'll be very interested to see how many they contain, as the ones I bought from T&M only have 4 seeds in (climbing patio courgette though).  I'm lucky enough to have a JTF near me, they are very reasonable for seeds, can get a packet of veg seeds for 39p.  Got 3 seed tapes for 1.50, as that was the only way I could get parsnip seeds, the rest were sold out.  So I've now got parsnips, swedes and turnips  to sow.  Really need to get a wiggle on with clearing enough space in the garden for a couple of raised beds.

  • eddie3eddie3 Posts: 49

    Sorry Daily Mirror.  Seeds just arrived. image

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