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12 metre border ideas!!!

Evening all! Just wondering if any kind soul would care to offer me advice on how I can line my border down one side of my garden with an interesting array of evergreens to over time hide a fence behind it. To set the scene my border is 12 metres by 0.9 metres. The fence behind it is 1.9 metres. I just recently moved into my first house and the garden is 12 metres by 25 metres wide. Very sterile garden as the past people had just grass and I've dug the first border. Plan being to line it with nice evergreens that over time will hide the fence. Problem being this is my first garden and the thought seems a bit daunting and don't want to end up with a mess! I've planted my first plant a Photinia (red tipped) and am now a bit lost for inspiration. The photinia came from advice and far short of putting 9 or so in thought it would be good to keep the same kind of plant but different colours that over time will blur into one! Any suggestions as to how to achieve this or bushes (this is how new to gardening I am I don't even know if a photinia is a bush or plant) that I could look up on the internet for inspiration would be most appreciated. Have a good night all.


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,668

    Have a look at this site. They specialise in hedges and there are several evergreen shrubs with photos there. What about Cotoneaster Franchtii? It also has red berries for the birds. Plant a mixture of evergreens repeating them along the row. Plant about a metre apart.

    Photinia is a bush and a plant! But really it is known as a shrub. Eleagnus is another good one and Eleagnus Gilt Edge has green and yellow leaves. Choisya is another, don't know if it's on that site it can spread out a bit.

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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,312

    Hi Lloyd

    Lots of lovely stuff you can grow. Any way you can make the border a bit wider? It's going to be quite tight to get much in there. And are you set on evergreens. It's nice to have something for all times of year. Mahonias give early spring yellow, and Viburnun tinus a bit later. The variegated euonymus are smaller but quite bright. Eleagnus ebbingeii has a wonderfulscent just when you don't expect it in autumn. 

    I wouldn't just line them all up to hide the fence. Have a few groups with some flowers in amongst them. 

    Photoinia is a shrub or bush, all the things growing out there are plants. Good luck, sounds like agood project

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    I would always reccommend growing a tree that is going to help the envoroment around you. Confirs don't give much back and are very good at drying the ground and making it accidic. Have you thought about buying trees like the ones offered here: (Just gave you this link to help give an idea of good trees to plant image) that feed wildlife or even you!

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,668
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    This site has tons of plant ideas. Evergreens and loads more...


  • Thanks everyone for your advice it's really appreciated. Will give me food for thought at lunchtime for the obligatory surf!

    I think I'll extend the border a bit to give me options and I like the idea of a tree in the corner.

    As for the colour, I'm thinking this means time investment and as having 2 under 2 kids its somthing I haven't got a lot of. We do have a pagoda at the bottom which we are putting pots in that will give the explosion effect and also have well established clematis crawling all over it. Last summer was left and was amazed at the flowering until my neice cut the heads off them all and presented them to me as confetti!

    Thanks again all.

    Have a good day!!!!
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    lloyd- kids eh?image

    Lots of good advice from everyone and I agree with nutcutlet about making it wider as it sounds like you have plenty of room there and it would give balance. Kids are pretty hard on gardens so shrubs and plants which will stand up to footballs being kicked into them etc are a good idea!  Climbers as a backdrop for the fence help to break it up while everything establishes and a focal point tree would be lovely- there's so many to choose from depending on yur soil and aspect etc. Good luck with it !image

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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,312

    Take your time as well, no rush, get it right

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  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 22,668

    You could always give the children a little patch of garden each and some seeds. Nastutiums are quick to germinate, seeds big enough to handle, colourful and edible. Radishes are easyand need a lot of watering, so mini-watering can could be fun! When it warms up French beans are fun for children, not too tall, quick growing and can be given to Mummy to cook. Need a better summer than last year though! While they are so little they will need help, but they will grow up quicker than you realise. I can't believe that mine are now producing grandchildren!

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