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gladioli clumps

hi guys

my friend has clumps -  and I mean clumps - of gladioli. they are at the front of her garden in 2 very small beds, but they are really clumped together, en masse.about 2ft x 4ft.

the leaves are a real feature, but this year the flowers have been a bit pathetic, straggley, and on one side, she hasn't had any. now how long they have been like that, whether or not she has ever lifted them, I don't know. I doubt it.

my problem is, do I advice her to;

take them all out, replanting the bulbs leaving more space.

take a few out at a time and plant out next year(tho she has no greenhouse/gararge etc)

or what?!

 any suggestions would be most welcome, as I cant find anything on the internet about clumping gladioli! and it would look very bare with nothing there..


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,874

    I seem to remember that gladioli are like crocosmia. they form bulbs upon bulbs. 

    I'd dig up, sort out, and replant.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,588

    Dig them up, fertilise the soil. Replant the big ones, discard little bulbs.

    Gladioli are cheap. Last year Lidl had huge bags for a fiver. Maybe time for a change.?

  • like the idea of digging up and replanting, don't think she would go for anything new! I would but its her garden.thanks for the advice!

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