evergreen screen planting

Hi, this is my first forum entry of what will be many (based on my total lack of gardening knowledge).  We've just finished renovating our new house and the next project is the garden.  We're looking for tips on evergreen screen planting which is approx 50 metres long on one of our boundaries.  I realise plants/trees won’t follow my exact specifications.  But if they did in an ideal world we’d like:

  • Something which is fast growing
  • Will reach no greater than 1.5 to 1.8 metres when fully grown
  • Will offer total privacy all year round (evergreen)
  • Will have a narrow spread (less than a meter)
  • Will require no trimming (or very little)
  • Thorny for security
  • Edible berries would be a bonus

I realise if there was a plant/tree out there that did all of the above they’d be around everyone’s plot, but if anyone could give me an idea of something that would come close I’d really appreciate it.



  • SalinoSalino Posts: 1,609

    ..it sounds like you're going to need something like Pyracantha, there are several varieties and for that length I suggest, if you are going to use this plant that is, to plant one of each berry colour, that is, red, orange, and yellow, varieties like Pyracantha 'Teton' 'Orange Glow' and 'Soleil d'or .   They will grow to 8 foot, are thorny and you can keep them trimmed.  They flower in June [profusion of white flowers] with berries for the birds [not for you] in the autumn..

    They're not cheap to buy if you want plants that are already 4 foot tall.  You can buy cheaper smaller plants for hedging though from specialists I think... someone else may advise on that...

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,252

    Hi Scott, welcome

    If you want total privacy I'd go for a panel fence with climbers and shrubs in front. Then you can have a mix of evergreen and deciduous, berries, and anything else you fancy

  • shiloshilo Posts: 5

    Thanks Salino & Nutcutlet.  Even though I’d prefer something to give us privacy ASAP I’d be prepared to wait.  As for fence panels I’m planning on using chain link for security for now.  I’ve got about another 50m of face brickwork walling to pay for so I’d like to keep the cost down on this stretch of the garden.  It’s a stretch of boundary which will be around an allotment & chicken run eventually.  Like I said I’m prepared to wait for the privacy as it’s not around what will be our private (sunbathing) area…did I jus type sunbathing.  If only image



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