Lost and found in your garden

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I'm quite plesantly surprised to have found some plants I thought had snuffed it during last years horrible summer winter. After moving into my new place I had to relocate my Rip van Vinkle daffs because they didn't like it in the window box (too dark). The following year they didn't show up so I thought they snuffed it but oh no. They are back this year as is the ornamental alliums that I thought died last winter (or at leate there is something oniony popping up where they where). Finally one of my Babbington Leeks that I thought the birds eat has also poped up. Quite please with this.


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    Hi swed boy, I have been out in our flat gardens today and been pottering around, loved it, some plants had died but one of my primroses was in full boom, last year it didnt do very well so I had to move it. Blue bells are very slow but planted some narcissus that are in flower round one of the trees, even saw a robin watching me, a lovely day.
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    Oh, I thought you meant things like the pair of shears that went missing for over a year then turned up under a rather overgrown section of shrubbery not long after I'd bought a new pair image

  • I've lost my Blue bells and Crocosmia I'm  hoping that they turn up as I do love them both,  no sign in the garden of either at the moment maybe just laying low till it warm's up a bit image

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    I too thought it was 'things' Flobear. image Was going to put secatuers, little forks, glasses (have habit of sticking them on my head), braclets, rings and Uncle Tom Cobley and all. Plants, delphium, clematis, lupins so far. 

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    Oh yes, Tina. That reminds me of a pair of sunglasses that turned up in a far corner of the veg patch after many months just sitting there.

    Today I found a dark pink primula that I didn't know I had image

    And I lost my rescue hedgehogs - they went awol before hibernation image

  • I lost one of my little hand forks but found a whole load of crocosmia I didn't know I had.

    Kind of ironic really because lifting lawn to make new beds today and found a little hand fork with no handle image so I trundled off to my workshop and cable tied a think branch section from my pile to the bit where the handle should be and then duck taped it. Good as new with a bit of bodgering characterimage

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    Hahah. I thought it was obvious what I meant but apparently not! Found a toy car earlier this year in the garden who someone must have lost there ages ago and less fun the second floor neighbours window pane. Did they tell me or offer to clean up the mess. NO!

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    I'v some lost plants not yet found, a hosta, I know where it was planted and last year it did put out a few leaves but it's not there now, couldn't find it when turning over the soil. I've two more in another part of the garden planted as bare roots last year but the grounds swallowed those up tooimage.  Also lost a 'Bleeding Heart'. Three were planted but only two coming up this year and one of those is a little reluctant.

    Have at least four prs of secatuers, the shed eats those. Bought a pink handled pr but they are already lost and likely not to be found until the shed gets it's next clear outimage.  

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    I dont think you could lose bluebells or crocosmia, they are very hardy,, if they grow here they will grow anywhere, give them time.

    Strangely enough, the bleeding heart is doing really well, up about 4 inches, but it is only the plain old pink one, i think there are different varietys.
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • thats a relief - i thought i was clumsy , having "lost" so many hand tools ! oh and gloves - only last week one soggy one made a reappearance in the compost when i was mulching !

    as for lost plants - rather a lot , but just hoping they re "mislaid" due to weather image


  • I like that...mislaid lol

    Well, at my old place it was always like being on an archaeological dig doing the garden. I found musket balls, old toy cars, bullets, roman coins, a celtic brooch, celtic tokens and a rare Edinburgh half crown in great condition. I also found a really strange statue thing which is painted cold bronze but have no idea what the heck it is, how old it is or where its from



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    Thats really beautiful Sam, i keep finding stone cores, about 2inch diameter, i think may be left from mining days, a hole appeared in the lane last year, we had a look down ( as you do) And it was a mine shaft. They put mini traffic lights there, for a year! Then the council tipped a couple of lorry loads of ready mix down, scarry really.

    I love digging into the earth, something satisfying, and bck breaking!
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • Thank you. I have no idea about it. Contacted museums and auction houses and they didn't know or had never seen one before.

    WOW image That is a little scary Lyn. Im now in a mining community myself and have found nothing but tree roots and modern rubbish in the garden. However, when out walking there are many slag heaps that have naturalised over the years and look like lovely green islands in the landscape image

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    Sounds like St Austell where they mine the china clay, they landscape them with trees and grass, and make lakes that are coloured turquoise blue.
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • Ohhh, that sounds stunning. The ones here are like large fairy knowes

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