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New gardener advice on growing tomato's please

Hi, I have just planted three seeds per cell in cheap little covered seed trays and sat them in my kitchen window. Then two days later I read advice saying that you should put them in a warm airing cupboard until they germinate and then resite them to a window. Should I try this at this point or just leave them. Also I am wondering about watering. Gave them a second spray from the watering can and everything shifted - Duh!


  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Nope, leave them. Keep the compost moist not soaked, otherwise the seed will rot.

    Putting them into a carrier with the handles loosely tied helps conserve moisture until germination, take them out once it starts though. I use the carrier bag method for all my seeds  - stops them from drying out.

  • SwissSueSwissSue Posts: 1,447

    Have a look on here, Jamjaf:

    Lots of good advice!image

  • If they still haven't appeared, you can cover the top with cling film until they do, so they won't dry out. But remove it once the seedlings emerge.

    I have a little bottle-top sprayer that fits on a 2L pop bottle, and is ideal for giving a fine spray on seed trays etc. Can't remember where I got it, but you can probably get them in garden and plant centres etc.

  • JamjafJamjaf Posts: 6

    Thank you all for your advice, it is very reassuring. They will remain on the window sill and I will try a finer spray and be careful not to overwater. Thanks swisssue for the link - will follow that up.

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