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In todays Telegraph Online they said that they had an offer for free Geraniums in the paper. I was unable to get out to buy one, did anyone see it ,was it collecting stamps or did you need an internet code?

Hope someone can help.


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    I dont take the paper, and i dont think anyone else has seen it, i think people are all too busy tonight to take a look. Maybe tomorrow someone will look for you.
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  • Hi. Here's a link for 24 geranium plants from Van Meuwen for £4.99. It won't be much different in price from the 24 free with postage. Just in case you don't find out what you are looking for.

  • Gardening Grandma thanks for the link, they appear to want postage as well, but as I could not see the Telegraph offer I did not know what the postage was there.


  • Isn't there a link for them?  Most things that are 'free' make up for it in postage.  I did, however pay the 'postage' for a wireless weather station.  Think it was about £7, which is still a saving on the £22 for something very similar from the GC.  It was the GC owned by Tesco's, by the way.  Most of the independents near me aren't in business any more, and the one that is operates a buy-one-get-two-free - for every plant you buy, you get at least two weeds growing in the same pot.

  • I did try to find the company but failed. Why did I bother to tell you that?image

    Wyevale are doing cheap plug plants postage free for members of their gardening club i.e. those with their points card.

  • Checked my emails and the website I ordered my weather station from was

    I've just checked, and there's nothing there about free geraniums, they've got a shrub offer on at the moment, but I think I will wait and see what Aldi have coming in!

    Failing that, there may well be something there on my freebies emails tomorrow, I will check for you.  I'm mainly interested in offers for free/discounted seeds and equipment.  The weather station offer isn't on any more - I'm not surprised, as I got an email about a fortnight after I'd ordered it, and it said due to demand, they were waiting for more to be delivered, I should get mine at the end of April.  I did get the opportunity to cancel my order, but as it was such a bargain, I can wait.  Most gardeners have to have lots of patience, and I can wait.

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