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Rosa Rugosa

Is it too big to dig up Margaret?


  • Hi Nutcutlet, thank you for your reply. Yes it's too extensive to dig up. Several years ago I cut it down to the ground at the end of the season then used some weedkiller which got rid of it for a few months but not totally. I guess we are stuck with it. I agree & can understand that digging it up & removing all the roots would be the most effective way, but what a job that would be. I just wondered if anyone had tackled a similar problem. I don't really want to use aggressive weedkiller as it would harm nearby shrubs. I thought of trying to remove a part of it but think the rest would invade the cleared part before I could get trees/other shrubs established.

    Do you know of anything that might be planted that would overpower it ?
  • LynLyn Posts: 22,860
    I have it popping up everywhere as well, so i know what you mean, it comes up well away from the main plant so i assume the roots trail for miles. I, personally wouldnt use weed killer because i dont like it, but short of this, i just dont know.

    The birds like the fruits in winter, so perhaps thats a good reason to keep some.
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  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,299

    Didn't realise it got as big and widespreading as that. my soil doesn't do roses very well, more likely to die than get out of hand here

    I don't like killing things but if it's realyl out of hand and unwanted you could cut it right back and drill into the stumps and put Rootout or equivalent in the holes..


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  • I am really grateful for your replies. I've been looking at the huge clump of rosa R & thinking that by the end of the year I will probably cut back hard & then it will grow lower & not look as leggy. Last Autumn we had Waxwings on it which was a first & great so it does have an advantage. I subscribe to G. World but this is my first time on the forum.

    I'll be back, it's great.

    Thanks all. Margaret,

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