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Sweet peas

I planted Sweet pea seeds around the 4/3/13, 5 to a pot watered them just the once as told and left them in my greenhouse...totally forgot to bring them inside where it was warmer to start them off. Looking at them now they are bone dry and doing nothing image Can I do anything with them or should I just start again? I have everlasting ones on the go which are coming on fine but as last year was my first year with them and they were beautiful I wanted to have a really good mix this year. Whats your thoughts guys?? image


  • Flower birdFlower bird Posts: 284
    I am not too good with sweet peas Loz, haven't got a greenhouse so I grow mine on my window sill but as of yet I have had no success, they always grow leggy.......will try growing them outside when the weather warms up.

    I had cosmos seeds in my cold frame during this cold spell and NOTHING.....not a peek from anything so have brought them inside to see if that will get them started, not sure but will see if it works.
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 20,461

    I think I would start again. If they had been watered and then germinated and then got bone dry the new shoots would have dried up. You could poke about gently and see if you can find one and see what's going on. They need about 15° C to germinate.

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  • LozLoz Posts: 69

    To Busy-Lizzie...when you say germinated what exactly does that mean?  yes, I'm a complete novice. Does this show any signs, as I said there's nothing, just sad looking soil image

  • FairygirlFairygirl west central ScotlandPosts: 49,201

    Have a poke about Loz -if the seeds still look 'whole' -as if nothing's happened at all- then they might not have started anything  so you could give them a water and a bit of heat and some might come away. I did mine on window sill with radiator below it (covered at night)towards end of March and they started coming through in a week or so. Worth a shot and if nothing still happens, sow a few more!image

    It's time to sow them outside now -weather permitting -so you've not really lost out in terms of getting a head start anyway.

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  • LozLoz Posts: 69

    Than you Fairygirl, I've bought some inside now and watered them so we'll see what happens...I'll keep you posted!image


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    Try asking David K

    He seems to be expert

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