Germinating seeds

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Rather than wait a bit and sow leek and beetroot seeds directly, I thought I'd experiment with planting them in modules in my non-heated greenhouse. Just over a week on, nothing's doing at all, which maybe isn't a huge surprise given the weather. Should I bring the trays inside or have I now missed the opportunity for them to germinate? Or should i just be patient? Problem is, I've not really got much more space to put them - largely as I've got lots of tomato seedlings in our spare room already which have successfully germinated! Otherwise, I've still got loads of seeds so I can just wait until Spring actually arrives and direct sow...


  • Be patient! Everything is later this year, I am itching to get my potatoes in! Go by the weather rather than season. Christine on the one show said that if you have weeds spouting then the earth is warm enough! So you could sow a row of beet root, I am going to sow some in the greenhouse today so we will see what happens. You do need to wait longer for leeks though!
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    There's still plenty of time to sow seeds. No harm in bringing them inside for germination - its what I'd do and have done. 

    Springs here - get sowing I say. By the time they've germinated and have a few set of true leaves, it's going to be May. Some seeds do not germinated as well, the hotter it gets.

    Go for it.

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