Need help with different types of plants

Hi I am wondering if you lovely people can think of any plants/shrubs that will grow or do well in a clay like soil. My garden is part shady but not all through the day (so does get a little sun in the boarders) during the afternoon! I have searched the Internet and a few books but I have found nothing that is striking. Am hoping to get a list so I can get to the garden centre & start planting in the next few weeks (if the weather stays) Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance image Jem x


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    I have a similar bed that I've been trying to plant up. Apart from Spring bulbs, I have found that my Lupins do ok as well as Aqueligias. Had some success with the perennial geraniums. Still looking for suitable plants that will flower in the Summer though as the bed can look a little bare at that time of year

  • Hi Hollie hock

    That is exactly what I am having trouble with, I know joe said on gardeners world 2 episodes ago about planting boarders that ideally you have plants for each season. I.e spring, summer, autumn & winter but its proving difficult for me with soil clay to find anything that fits into any of those category's unless its the usual spring bulbs.
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    Hi Jem, snap. Remembered another plant that does well for me.

    I inherited this one and it's known to me as the false sunflower but it's proper name is an inula. Can get pretty big/bushy and it will spread. Flowers in the Summer and the insects love it

  • That is a lovely looking plants image will defiantly be on the look out for that one. I love the colour & the fact it will help attract wildlife image thanks for that
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    You're welcome. Been thinking back to last year........... had some calendulas in there, which did flower, maybe not at their best but still some colour, like wise snapdragons. I tended to put these towards the front of the bed where they got more sun. Maybe sweet williams might tolerate these conditions as well

    Grew some sweet rocket from seed last year and put a few of them in there last Autumn, just to see what happens. These plants whilst not as big as some others are doing ok and should give me some flowers. Bugle/Ajuga seem to grow anywhere, lovely blue flowers in Spring, but very attractive ground cover for the rest of the year.

    I grow a lot of my plants from seed so able to experiment and it doesn't cost me muchimage

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    Hi Jem, small similar area here, planted with brunnera (jack frost), seems happy, flowers to end of may, but its the foliage i grow it for, find it in the plants section on this site, Phil

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    I'll also recommend aquilegias for clay and part shade.  They are a trouble free, long lived perennial and come in a wide range of variations of colour and flower shape.   For climbers, most clematis are happy in part shade, too, but dig a deep hole and mix in plenty of organic matter.  In fact many of the large flowered group 2 clematis prefer it and show thier best flower colour in part shade.  Foxgloves also do well in the same conditions.

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    I grow Helenium as they are very good with heavy clay soil.They come in several lovely shades and the bees particularly love the yellow ones.Be careful though as they are very good at spreading!
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