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Hi All, We have a south facing terraced house with a concreted over front garden image that is about 4x2m. My cunning plan was to make this a low maintenance area using 3 pale terracotta containers in different sizes. The little one has that black strappy nigera grass, the middle one has some tufty blue grass in it, about 10 inches high, and both are thriving. Four years later they still look very modern, cool and minimal, if I may say so... But then we come to pot no 3. It is about 18 inches across, and I have twice gone for interestingly coloured phormiums that were supposed to be 2x2 feet and fully hardy. Pah! Both died off over winter, within 2 years of planting. Do you have any suggestions for a single plant I could use? Ideally it would have a final height of 2x2 and have interesting year round foliage that would coordinate in a contrasty way with the other black and silvery grasses in the other tubs. Thank you!


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    ..a bit of a tall order I think, something 2 x 2, hardy and year round interest, but I shall give you two that I grow and see if you might be interested in these.

    Choysia 'Goldfingers'.  This small shrub is evergreen, quite a bright plant, with yellow leaves and scented white flowers in summer.  It has proved exceptionally hardy for me, out in all weathers in a container, suffered continued freezing, snow drifts, the lot, for the past 3 hard winters.  I live in cold east Anglia..  The tips get a little burnt and dry but it soon recovers. As an added bonus it's pretty drought tolerant too but welcomes a good drink with some food as they all do...

    Fargesia mureliae 'Simba' - this dwarf bamboo type grass - non invasive - will live happily in a container for many years.  Mine has been in one for at leat 4 years now without repotting and like the one above has suffered all the extremes including freezing wind.  It is evergreen but like a lot of grasses/bamboos can look a bit 'deciduous' and a a little 'tatty' at the worst times but will soon recover [providing the owner does not fret], and green up again.

    I love both these plants and wouldn't be without them for containers.  See what you think. 

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    Fargesia mureliae 'Simba - that's the one - I was going to suggest it but was trying desperately to remember it's name - it'd be great as long as it doesn't bake in too much strong sunlight. image

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    The hakonechloa grasses might contrast and combine well with your existing planting. H. macro 'All Gold' has an eventual spread and height of about 500 cm, and has the advantage of autumn colour. They are often recommended for container growing.
  • Ooh, thank you all.

    I have looked your suggestions up, and they all look very interesting. I think the choysia might be 'the one' mainly because of its bushy habit, but I'm off to a big garden centre in a couple of days, and hopefully I'll be able to compare them properly there.

    Will let you know!
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    How about Nandina domestica 'Fire power'. Evergreen, flowers, berries and change of leaf colour. I've had a larger version in a pot for years and it has not neede much attention but still thrives.

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