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Hi Was going to top dress my grassed area this week ( lawn ? Not yet image ) Being very new to gardening I read loads of tips and adivice on here . And had lots of advice from my workmates never knew I worked withh so many experts. Anyway I'm not to sure what mix of dressing to use ? . Was told my soil had too much clay in it. My plan was too Mow the grass a little Scarify Fork over Then use 3 parts sharp sand 1 part fine compost Bit of crushed chicken manure And a little grass seed That is my plan . Does anyone think the mix is wrong or will it be ok I'm not looking to get a putting green finish just looking lush and green like last year. I know it was a wet year but took a while to dry off after getting soaked. Any tips will be very welcome image Been a joiner for 35 years if anyone needs any tips I would gladly try and help out. Been trying to garden for 2- 3 years now and really enjoying it and read all the experts on this site everyday , I got a long way to go . Cheers Mike.


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  • That mix sounds spot on to me. I used to work on bowling greens and was roughly what we used.  You should spike it first (A fork will do. Insert it into the turf and give it a little wiggle to open up the holes) to give the top dressing somewhere to go into and to relieve some of the compaction of the soil. Spead onto the turf and use a besom or stiff brush to push into the holes.

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    Excuse me jumping in here - I am also wanting to improve my lawn and just wondered if George could share any knowledge of leveling a lawn.  Mine is a bit 'bumpy', it has dips/hollows.  Not major but the mower doesn't roll smoothly over it image


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    Thanks Brumbull  image

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    LorraineP, We levelled our bowling green using a plank of wood on edge.
    Set it on an area you wish to check and swing it around noting where it is low and lifting it over the bumps.
    Fill hollows with a mix of sand and sieved compost brushing it into the hollow without covering the grass completely, it will take several goes letting the grass recover each time.
    Large bumps  Cut along three sides (a section at a time) slide a sharp spade under the sod roll it back scrape out some soil, try it back in place, do it until you are happy it is flat then press back and brush some compost and sand into the cuts.
    Everything with a lawn takes time, little and often is the way to do it and yes even with a bowling green you get bumps and hollows.
    My two lawns are not perfect although the cutter goes over them nicely, they were cut this week leaving the blade up a bit for the first cut, A lot of rain then lower the blades a dry spell leave the grass a bit longer.
    I do use feed and weed, once after the second cut, six weeks after and wet it in best done when rain is due. Then in Autumn winter weed and feed, the only chemical I do use but it is granular and complements are passed on how fresh and green the lawns look. As with all gardening, there are no easy short cuts, little and often is much better than leave it then regret it.


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    Thanks, your advice is much appreciated, Frank and Brumbull.  Looks like my list of gardening jobs is growing  (pardon the pun!) but I'll look forward to getting them done (unlike the household chores).

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    Thanks for all the tips and advice once again .

    This site and the people on it are great

    Thanks again and no doubt be back soon with my next problem.


  • Hi Mike, a great place you can get advise and buy top dressing is at

  • Hi Palaisglide

    Can you clarify what you meant when you said 'I do use feed and weed, once after the second cut, six weeks after and wet it in best done when rain is due. Then in Autumn winter weed and feed'?

    Do you mean you use weed and feed twice: - 1st time is 6 weeks after the second cut, then the 2nd time is in autumn?

    Or did you mean, you do it 3 times a year - after the second cut, then six weeks later, then finally in the autumn?

    Looking forward to an improved lawn next year (fingers crossed).

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