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Path stones

I'm planning a path to wind through a shady area of my garden and had the idea of using uneven stones to provide stepping stones. The thing is, where do I buy them from? Your standard hard landscaping stockists, such as wickes, don't seem to stock them and highstreet, homebase, only have ones which are all the same shape.

Bombard me with suppliers/ideas please!



  • When I say uneven stones, I mean FLAT uneven shaped stones...

  • Could you get the high street ones but mix different designs together?

  • I really wanted the same stone but just different shapes...

  • Your second post made me laugh, mother hen.  You don't want an obstacle course then....image

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener Posts: 11,391

    Look to see if there are any reclamation yards in your area.  You could use google etc to search for 'reclamation yard nottingham' if you happen to live near Nottingham, for example.

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  • image indeed! I had visions of oddly shaped rocks winding their way to the compost heap - was getting my crampons out ready!

  • You could try searching for a local landscaping company. There is one near us that seems tiny but has a large selection from gravels and cobble stones to paving slabs, rockery rocks and slabs of real rock for paving and patios.

    The sandstone is gorgeous but way way out of our price range.

    If it is for stepping stones you could use some peaces of slate sold for rockeries. Picking out nice large flat pieces and laying them level

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,854

    I did that using some unevenly shaped Japanese stones from my local garden centre.  About 11€ a pop.   Picture taken in early April.  They're invisible now but I know where they are for when I need to get in  and weed or dead head.




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  • Bushman2Bushman2 Posts: 548

    try a builders merchant they may have broken slabs they want rid off

  • That's exactly the look I was after Obelixx. Sounds like I need to hunt around, I do have a reclamation yard close by but am afraid that if I visit it I'll come away with a load of other things, that I hadn't realised I'd wanted, as well.

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