Clematis cuttisngs

Hi, Can anyone give me any tips on rooting clematis cuttings.  I had watched Carol Klein explaining how to take the cuttings and thought I had followed her instructions.  Although I had taken several cuttings and kept them in the cold frame covered with fleece over the winter not one of them had taken.  Can anyone tell me what if anything I have done wrong or am I just unlucky?image


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    I have failed several times with the large flowered ones so will be watching this thread with interest !  Did once succeed with a Montana though ....

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    When did you take the cuttings, lavenderlass?  I usually take them in late summer, keeping them in a warm place (bottom heat is ideal) out of direct sunliight with grit on the top of the pot until they are rooted, then put in a cold frame over winter.  About a quarter to a third of them usually take.

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    I was going to say that clematis cuttings are usually taken when the plant is growing strongly July/August. but B the G has said it

  • I have only ever succeeded with a semi-ripe cutting that had a nice fresh shoot growing out of it. The junction between the two rooted. I think that was in August.

    The missing ingredient was bottom heat, I think. Thanks for the information, Bob.

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    Have to confess that  I only ever succeded when I had heating cables in the cuttings frome too.

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    I have more luck pegging down stems for layering. I think I did a viticella to root once.


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    Yes, I too would suggest layering. Also much more success with viticellas in general.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,050

    Layerings need far less looking after as well

  • relieved to see its not just me who doesnt suceed with these cuttings.will try the bottom heat in clematis but so does our rogue rabbit!how can i keep it off?

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    I had some success with my clemantis montana. Did take the cuttings last year when the plant was growing strongly.

    Got new growth now after the winterimage

  • Many thanks to you all for the advice.  After reading it all I think I maybe took them too late end of September/October and then put them straight into a cold frame, not realising they need bottom heat.  Maybe I'll try again this year but a bit earlier and try and provide some heat.

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    try layering, expose a piece of stem by slicing with a Stanley knife place slightly under the soil and either place a brick on top or peg down,provided the stem is in contact with the soil it will produce new roots, you can do one/two or more at the same time.
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