My garlic have shoots about 3/4 inches long poking through the soil. I have had fleece on them since the first night when, I'm presuming birds, pulled the "seed" bulbs clean out from under the soil.  However, a couple of the shoots look a little tired already and I'm concerned that the fleece is preventing enough light etc getting through....(the best looking shoot was just outside the fleece)......should I just do away with the fleece, or are they still in danger of getting picked by birds?


Thanks for any help




  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Should be fine now.

  • I agree - if shooting they will be fine.

  • hang some old cd's over them to scare the birds away.

  • I'm hoping to plant my garlic today (day 1 of my new allotment) and was planning on covering with fleece too. I'll keep it on until shooted then in that case, thanks!
  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,820

    Garlic needs the cold to split into cloves - I have posted this several times. so do not fleece, they are hardy. However you could cover them twigs etc to prevent the birds getting them


     Sorry I posted photo of mine but you'll have to lean sideways to see(doh smiley)

    Any way mine have been out in all the snow and frost and the only cover they have are the grids I made to stop cats etc getting them.

    I will give them a good drink of water today and when growing well will give them liquid feed

    Hope this helps

  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,820

    Just a thought, you did plant them deep enough as it could be the cold pushing them up - they should be about 4ins deep from base of clove.

  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,820

    Have the liquor ready and waiting Brumbull

  • Brycey, they should be fine now!

    I did fleece mine once planted out in October, mainly to get em off to a good start


     What is it with this site posting pictures side on? image


     Here they are un-fleeced in March, Wasn't expecting that much snow! image So they have had a bit of a rough time! image


    Here they are yesterday

     They are beggining to pick up, and are quite an hardy crop, so I really wouldn't worry that much to be honest! image

    My Philosophey is, they either take, or they don't!

    Which is the later regarding the onions in the rear bed, so they shall be "Hauked Out" tomorrow to make way for an Asparagus bed! image

    Good fun this Gardening jobby init? image All the very best with it!




  • Brycey DBrycey D Posts: 55

    Thanks folks, fleece is off, so I'll see how they do


  • saltskisaltski Posts: 50

    Hi guys, I planted some Garlic late last week into pots (1 love in each 9cm pot) which are currently in my kitchen as I thought it would be too cold for them outside yet. Should I move them outside? They can sit in my fruit cage to keep the birds off until they're established then I was planning on putting them in the ground.

    Also should I have planted them deeper? I put them into the pots so that they were just below the surface, this was advice I had found on the internet so have them so that their tips are just visible, should I push them deeper?

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