Please help with my small front garden Low Maintence

I am really fed up with my front garden as I do not have access to my lawnmower from the front and  I want to do something different.

I have thought of a few things including paving and fake grass but I am now thinking of two ideas.

1) Gravel or small stones the whole garden and plant a few small plants and maybe a pave in the middle.

2) Flower bed under the window made from new railway sleepers with some lights in the side of the wood. I would then put gravel or stones all over the rest with a few steps to my front door.

Any ideas or suggestion would be a great help.





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    Check these out - love the spirals.

    I'd keep the path to your door and cover the rest with chips of slate. Then choose only one focal point for in front of the window. Have a browse round your local plant nursery to see what catches your eye. Also, hanging baskets by the door for a bit of summer colour would look fab !

    Little plants are for me looking at your garden.....are a no no. 

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