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Count your blessings

punkdocpunkdoc Posts: 13,680

Well I have just been out in the garden dressed up like the Michelen man  as its still freezing. The snow has finally melted from most of my borders and I have been taking stock.

Snowdrops are still flowering, various crocuses look great as do the primroses and the pulmonarias look about ready. However the daffs are still for the future.

Delpinium shoots are appearing [ slug hunting time ] However all the lupins seem to have rotted. So glad that I sowed more seed last summer so have got replacements. It reminds me what we allways said at work. You must succession plan; look for who will replace you or your colleagues when you/they go. This seems equally relevant in gaedening and i am grateful that the greenhouse although full to bursting will provide me with the replacements for the many casualties that this winter will undoubtedly have caused.

Unlike in the rest of life death is not a tragedy but an opportunity to plant someting else. I love this time of year because every gap in the borders allows my mind to wander and think what could I put there?

I have a feeling today that things are about to change, so lets get ready to rumble.

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  • LynLyn Posts: 21,864
    Dont give up on the lupins yet, they may just be late, mine are really hardly showing, but i dont think they are dead. They usually overwinter ok.
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