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Front and Back Garden Design - no plants!! help please?!!

Just moved to semi with what you might call a blank hardly any plants!

BACK GARDEN - is East facing, clay soil but fairly sheltered, wide garden but not deep with decking at back of house as patio... Shiplap fencing on all sides...want to create vertical planting and deep borders to create illusion of space, any ideas?? Only have 1 rose and 1 variegated laurel, the rest is grass and gravel. 

FRONT GARDEN sloping front garden down to house with privet hedge at roadside and slabs near house. West facing so gets sun on 3 ft strip at front all day (on the hedge) and on the rest in the afternoon. Have just planted 3 apple trees and cherry tree in borders. I want to make it pretty but also productive..without upsetting neighbours .and wildlife friendly. I have thought of pulling up turf and sowing wild flower mix, but wonder how this might work with part-shade and year round? any ideas? ! 
M. Thanks 



  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    Pictures are always a greta help when forum members ask for design help. Caan you manage to post some?

  • bookmonsterbookmonster Posts: 365

    On the subject of the lawn - we are soon to lay a very small lawn area, and instead of a full blown wildflower lawn which wouldn't really work on our small garden, will encourage wildflowers and introduce some as plug plants - such as bird's foot trefoil - for a more formal wildlife lawn. This way you can choose plants appropriate to the soil type rather than a 'mix'.


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