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Moving into a house with Foxgloves?

Hello! We've just sold our house today and have been lookng at houses for a while. We found a house which looks very good to us (but just needs a bit of work - that's why we like it), however it has a foxglove or two in the side of the garden by the pond; the issue is that we're planning on adopting a cat, we have kids, eat in the garden a lot and both my wife neither me want to be dealing with toxic plants. If it's toxic to cats and spreads like wildfire without human intervention should we avoid buying the house or is there a way we can kill them without having to get up all close with them? Thanks image



  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,355

    You're thinking of triffids maybe?

    They're just plants, if you don't like them dig them up but don't eat them.  Wash your hands before lunch. They won't attack you, you need to eat them to get sick or dead.

    They can be hoed off, pulled up, weedkilled, burnt off.  

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  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,957

    Foxgloves may be toxic but they're not dangerous!  I have them all over my garden.  I spent my childhood running around my granny's woodland garden with foxglove flowers on my fingers (Little Folk's Gloves = Fairy's Gloves). 

    They will not harm your cats.  By the time your children are old enough to be in the garden unsupervised they will be old enough to know they mustn't eat things in the garden without asking, and to wash their hands when the come in from playing in the garden. 

    I garden without gloves and handle foxgloves every day.  There are many things more dangerous than foxgloves in most gardens - potato leaves and fruits are poisonous so are rhubarb leaves to name just two, but they're in most gardens and no one dies or is even ill. 

    Sensible education of children is the way to go. 

    The new garden sounds fantastic - if you buy it we'd love to see some pics image

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  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    So that's why they're called foxgloves!  Yer don't 'arf lern a lot 'ere.

  • CeresCeres Posts: 2,577

    I too used to wear the flowers on my fingers when I was a small child. It never occurred to me to eat the things. The garden is full of things you aren't supposed to eat and children learn this by listening to the wise words of adults.

  • hogweedhogweed Posts: 4,053
    'The garden is full of things you aren't supposed to eat'. As are houses!
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  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Stuff and nonsense.

    "Is there a way we can kill them without getting up close to them?"

    MatthewC you are in graver danger in your car when you drive along the road, or in a bus.
  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114
    Ooooooooooooooo er, I just saw you mention a pond........................
  • granmagranma Posts: 1,929

    You sure it's not Japanese knot weed image

    Now that is a real threatimage or so they sayimage

  • Steve 309Steve 309 Posts: 2,753

    Now, now, children!  image

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 86,957

    Don't tease!!!  

    The nice MatthewC has asked our advice - he is not a gardener ............... yet. 

    If we're nice to him we might turn him into one image

    Welcome to the forum Matthew - we're a nice lot really, but do sometimes have a wicked sense of humour - forgive us please image

    Gardening in Central Norfolk on improved gritty moraine over chalk ... free-draining.

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