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I want to get two standard rose trees in memory of my late husband. One I have already bought ("Precious" Love") and I am looking for another suitably named. The thing is, I have no idea of how to look after them, I have been told they can be moved around but not sure if they will need putting into another container. Also how should they be looked after generally.  The one I have, already has three more buds on which I believe is the second flowering. Can anyone give me some information on how I should care for them?  Many thanks.

PS: This is the second time of asking. I think the other post has got lost, or I'm not doing it rightimage


  • Beechgrove garden had a programme at end of April on weeping standard roses that were beautiful and scented. I have attached the fact sheet which shows the varieties and care needed.image

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    Standard roses are just ordinary roses with one long stem. Although some varieties lend themselves to standards better than others. They need potting into a large  pot at least 2ft in diameter. The potting mix should be a John Innes No3, available from most good garden centres. Plant with a handful of bonemeal at the base of the planting hole and leave a 2 inch gap between the top of the pot and the soil level. The addition of rootgrow when planting is advisable and regular watering is needed, at least weekly in hot weather. Pruning is the same for all standards, except  you are trying to encourage a sphere in shape when pruning in spring. I think there's a section on pruning roses in the How To guide. The feeding regime is the same as for any rose, in spring and after the first flush of flowers. Pruning after flowering or dead heading is the same for any bush rose, taking it back to a leaf axil. Newly planted roses need weekly watering until established, at least two months. Being in pots  they can be moved, full sun is best. Any other questions just ask. Best of luck. Weeping standards are treated differently to ordinary standards when pruning as your'e trying to maintain the weeping stems.

  • Thank you Garden Lily and Dave.  Lots of information for me.  Much appreciated. image

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