Growing parsley and basil

Hi all,

I've grown my parsley and basil from seeds (the whole pack of seeds) and they are growing well from the looks of it!

Do you think it looks overgrown? I want to avoid my rocket situation where it ended up wilting then dying.

I wish the instructions on these grow your own packs would tell you to sow a bit of the pack and not the whole pack and expect the whole plant to survive in the tiny pot they provide you.

Thanks in advance!





  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,231

    A whole packet, have they all germinated?

  • MizzliMizzli Posts: 31

    Hi sorry, for some reason my previous post cut off and I just had to rewrite! I'm getting a bit worried about the foresty mess of it and the stalks are of different girth too, some grass thin and some slightly thicker.

    My rockets and dill I had previously germinated then wilted and died. image

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,231

    I think you could prick out now and keep the sturdier looking ones if there are too many

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,231

    They do look very healthy

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,475

    Hi Mizzli, yes, definitely too many sown there!  You have about 30 basil seedlings - 4 or 5 would be enough for that size of pot.  The good news is that they have their first pair of true leaves, so you can carefully tip them out and separate, planting a few back into fresh compost.  The rest could go into other pots if you can find the room.

    For pots of the size you get in hose kits, sow about 10 seeds in each, evenly spaced apart and if they all germinate, you need to be harsh and pluck out the smallest, leaving up to 5 of the strongest.

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  • The  potted basil you buy in supermarkets is actually lots of plants in 1 pot. They don't bother to separate as they want quick results You could leave them and enjoy them as needed and start some more seeds? Successional sowing is usually necessary in any case, and you have got off to a flying start

    The parsley looks great and I would just cut of as much as you need and it should keep growing

    I wish my herb seeds I planted 3 /4 weeks ago looked as good. Very slow to get started. I sowed a few seeds in each module, but lots haven't showed yet. I was hoping to donate some to village flower show to sell. Not so sure at moment, fingers crossed.

  • MizzliMizzli Posts: 31

    Hi all,

    Wow, thanks very much for your replies. It has been very helpful.  We live in a small flat so I only have room for one of each herb.

    Do I just need to pluck out the thinner stalks? Not sure if I can pull it out with the root without disruptng the other stalks.

    The parsley and basil both took 2-3 weeks to germinate.  I thought they were dead at first! I keep them on a window sill and when the sun sets I switch on a growlight I have pinned on the wall.  It's a SAD light I bought for myself but it doesn't work as well for me, lol!

    The packs on the grow your own packs never tell you sow sparingly and just tell you to tip the whole pack in. It's so misleading and I've never grown my own plant/herb successfully to full term before. Now I know why. image

    Thanks again, really appreciate all your comments!

  • LynLyn Posts: 8,378
    I grow these in 5 inch pots, but i put a big pinch sprinkled on the pot and then just leave them, some dont like to be transplanted.
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    I think your basil may struggle to compete for nutrition if you leave that many in 1 pot. can you thin them out (make up a couple of pots), if you don't need them they can be a nice gift. 

  • Why not divide up the basil pot into 5 or 6 clumps and repot the clump thus disturbing the plants as little as possible. This will increase the food available to them and chances of a good crop. In a couple of weeks sow some more for succession as these will probably not last you all summer.

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