Cosmos problems!

Help......I think I have sown my cosmos too early! I sown the seeds of my cosmos in the middle feb. they now are now about 8cm tall with flower buds in them. I have just today moved them out into my plastic pop up greenhouse to slow them down a bit. Question is can I pinch out the flower heads or should I start again?? I expected ur weather to be a bit warmer!!


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    They do grow quickly John-yes you can take the flower heads out -will make stronger plants to go out image

  • Excellent. Thanks!! Hopefully they will survive out in my greenhouse until it warms up
  • LynLyn Posts: 8,395
    This is the problem when you sow too early, by the time they are ready to go out, you probably will have to repot them

    I sowed mine today.
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  • Cosmos are one of the most reliable germinating seeds and also incredibly quick to come up. I grow lots and lots and lots of white ones, never coloured ones. I haven't planted my seeds yet, there' still time for this super plant. As they are a relatvely large seed I now grow them in modular trays one per module. This way you don't check them as much if you pot on. Also if you grow in normal trays they are so quick to get going that ofen the roots are matted together before you blinkand I end up literally tearing them apart as you can't distinguish what roots belong to which plant.

    I agree that if you have plants now keep pinching out for best results.

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    I sowed some in june last year and they bloomed right up to winter, when the wind just snapped them off.
    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
  • well i use homebase compost and look how great my houseplant in my loaf have growing



  • they bud well nice

  • I'm growing Cosmos from seed for the first time to add throughout the garden. Would like to grow the all white varieties but was seduced by 'Picotee' with its raspberry coloured edging! Any top tips or recommendations for care, other varieties etc

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