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Need help to grow lavender :)

Hello, I finally have a little garden where I can grow flowers. I am in love with flowers, specially lavender, but I don't have a clue about gardening. I received a little butterfly lavender as a present for my new flat. Any advices on how to let it grow? Should I leave it to grow in the pot? Thank you


  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,550

    It will thrive in the sunniest part of your garden in a free draining soil.  They do not like to be over watered or fed.  I personally wouldn't leave in the pot unless it is a big one? Also if possible put gravel around it so it doesn't get wet and soggy.  Last thing! Cut the whole flower stalk off when flower has finished image


  • Thank you for your message. i think the pot is too small. How can I know which part of the garden has a free draining soil? Sorry if it's a stupid question but as I said I have no clue! Thank you for all the other information, very useful image
  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,550

    I'm no expert and sure there is proper way to explain but I would just try digging a hole and if soil nice and loose then in it would go! image


  • I am no expert but with you saying it is a butterfly lavender could it be the less hardy stoechas variety?If it is will need a little protection in winter. It needs full sun if possible and well drained soil, I would suggest that you dig a hole fill to the brim with water and it should go down failrly quickly. If it doesn't dig a bigger hole and put loads of gravel in bottom then some good top soil After flowering cut flower stem to the base and tidy the leaves up to get good shape and it will grow and smell beautiful. I would suggest Lavender Hidcote and Munstead good hardy smelly lavenders  Good Luck

  • Thank you so much for the advices! I am excited to let it grow because I love the colour and the smell! I will definitely follow your advice and buy Hidcote and Munsted for a stronger smell image thank you again!
  • Looks lovely @Tetley! Hope I can get something similar image thank you!!!!
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