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Newly planted Hydrangea

Hello all. Today I brought a small (30cm x 30cm) white flowering Hydrangea which currently has about 5 varying sizes of flowers on it. It also has some new young foliage shoots growing. All very healthy. Question is do I cut off the flowers so that it puts more energy into establishing itself with new roots etc? Or just enjoy them while they last. 


  • M FentM Fent Posts: 166

    It does and it is a Macrophylla. Will that make a difference? 


    Also, my son brought me an identical Hydrangea (white flowering) for mothers day from a florist and have had it in the kitchen window ever since. Its finished flowering and sending out new leaves. Could this be planted into the garden, after ive hardened it off? ive read that gift Hydrangeas are usually bred/grown/fed in a certain way so to make it flower spectacularly and then not so much afterwards. 

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