Can any one recomend a good greenhouse. I am on my second greenhouse in 3 years both having collapsed due to the weather. I was thnking one the lines of a wooden one this time as my previous ones were aluminium with pvc panels. I have had to repair mine twice this year due to the weight of snow and have just carried out a botch up to protect some seeds but fear that a good blast of wind or some more snow will permenantly see to its end. 


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    Mines secondhand with glass. It's solid structure unlike todays models which look flimsy. It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but one I do know - it want collapse.

    Wooden sounds good but unless it's made using hardwood (which is pricey) a lot of maintenance is going to be required to keep it up to spec.

  • I went a year with one of the polycarbonate pannelled jobs, got fed up with retrieving the panels from neighbours garden.

    Put one of these up last autumn, it's survived the winter no problem, feels really solid, seems to be fairly draft proof, very happy so far: 

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     My secondhand greenhouse - had it years now. 

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    Forgot to say - cost me nowt as well. image

  • Brilliant, MM. Yours looks good, too, JG. Sold mine last year to get back a piece of garden and have regretted it ever since. I'll follow this thread with interest. image

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    As the picture loaded it was very wide  looked like the benches were at least 3 foot wide if not more. In proper perspective its still good but not feeling so envious now :P


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     Greenhouse last year. lol

  • Still good if free, Blackest. image  As usual, my problem is lack of space, so its a little plastic walk in one for me, anchored down behind a sheltering wall (the direction of the sunlight means it should still be OK) tucked away around the side of my bungalow. There's one thing about living in a bungalow - the whole garden is a sun-trap because it isn't shaded by a house.


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    I got one as a present from my son & daughter last year its a 10x6 green coated alumimium with polycarbonate has 4 windows and the sliding door it cost £399 including delivery to Scotland and am more than happy with it. Got a 6x4 alumimium with glass coming from a girl i work with who was looking for someone to take it for nothing so i offered to take it only 1 year old but will give her something for it told her that.

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    Stephanie will you please give over with the grow light thing please you already started 2 threads yesterday in different sections of this forum and they were not the first. Have you considered that maybe there is little interest in your survey how many responses do you need anyway? Do you realise how irritating canvassers are? Maybe you might be better to take to the streets, maybe ask for permission from a garden centre  chain like b&q (who likely would be interested in your results ) or create a small website and a google adwords account So people who are interested in grow lights can learn about them and hopefully will also in return take your survey. 

    You can make a small site with free hosting for less than a tenner and if the site is informative another tenner would bring in enough visitors to get the survey responses you need. Hope this is a useful response.

    Sorry if this comes off a bit curt, bit grumpy when i'm full of cold and it won't shift.

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