Training Kiwi Issai

I have purchased one the these plants. It has two strong stems and is starting to show buds/leaves. I cannot put it out into the garden yet because of the weather. What would be the best way to start training it.


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    Hi Janet, Even 'baby' kiwis like Issai have a tremendous growth rate and will need strong support, like heavier gauge trellis (eg the stuff made from 1" (2.5cm) thick wood.)  New growth is soft and will twist itself around things, but once a few weeks old it becomes hard, and cannot be moved.  As it is hardy, I would get it planted as soon as you can and not attempt to start training it until it is in its final position.  Cut it back if it grows too big before you can plant it - sideshoots will immediately start growing and there is no danger of harming it.  I have few kiwi grown from the seed of shop-bought fruit and although they are unlikely to ever flower/fruit for me, the red new growth and large furry red-veined leaves are very attractive.  Mine easily grow 6-12 feet in a season and need to be kept in check, or they'd quickly become an inpenetrable jungle!image

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