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Lawn problem

 years ago I laid turf in my back garden.  When the lawn was delivered it was 24 hrs late and not in the best condition.  I laid it and it seemed to take.  this year I decided to let all the leaves off the oak tree fall and then collect the.  Straight after they fell so did the snow and turned my lawn int a dirt patch.  I have very lttile grass left.

I was wondering what the best way of reseeding the lawn would be.  Do i put anything down first or do I just seed it? - Thanks for any help given


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 20,369

    Has your grass started growing yet? It may be that the roots are still there and it will come back with the warmer weather. We had a terrible heatwave and drought in 2003 where I live in SW France. My lawn didn't all recover. I gave it a good raking to make a bit of a tilth in the autumn, then mixed grass seed with compost and threw it all over the earth. It worked! Is your lawn compacted after all this wet? You make need to stick a fork in it and wiggle it a bit at regular intervals all over your patch to aerate it, before chucking seed and compost (if that's what you decide to do having seen other people's advice).

    Dordogne and Norfolk
  • As an "other people" I agree totally with Busy-Lizzie. "nuff said from me. Good luck with it.

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