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Securing a greenhouse structure..

Appologies if this is more a question than a problem..Greenhouses. Im finally! able to purchase one. Nothing fancy, 6 x 8 type - and having a small child plumping for safety glass.

Would anyone be able to tell me, some of these greenhouses come with a Base - what is that? aka..a separate layer? I'm asking because..i want to lay either sleepers or a few breeze blocks and then fix the greenhouse onto that. Basically to make it a little higher ( i always recall bumping my head on the slopes parts of my grandads! )


So - any thoughts welcome in ideal solution..a couple of house bricks / breezeblocks or a few sleepers to mount this structure on. Whichever - is it easy enough to fix the aluminium framework onto brick/wood? And if it comes with a base..can i still use it?


Anything i need to look out for when buying a greenhouse please let me know. And, any decent website - at the moment its Homebase/Argos with a few quid off..but basically..for a green aliuminum tough saftey glass 6ft x 8ft greenhouse..its about £480. I live in Northern is sometimes an issue but rarely.


Any advice apprecatied. Thanks


  • NetherfieldNetherfield Posts: 120

    Yes you could lift it up, but it would make a trip hazard having to step over the the bottom rail where the door is. 

    The base also needs to be perfectly level or it will pull the frame out of shape and make it hard to fit the glass.

  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    I do have to agree about the trip hazzard, all so easy to do when your busy with your hands full. But I have seen many which are like this. However, if it were me it probably would get on my nerves.

    I fixed mine to concrete, mainly because I live on the east coast and it can get blooming windy.

    At the bottom of mine were holes - I bought the longest nut and bolts and screwed on the biggest washers. Then sunk them into the wet concrete.

    It is.....solid as a rock. image

  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Just ensure you buy absolutely the biggest you can afford.  I agree the site must be completely level and you must build the house absolutely square.

    Before you buy look very carefully at an erected greenhouse and ask, ask, ask how it is fixed to the ground.  And if they say it isn't, walk away.


  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657
    Garjobo,Hi 2 or 3 weeks ago one of the gardeners gave some really good advise on greenhouse bases he,s a builder perhaps someone might be able to direct you to the info how to retrieve this info it will be well worth it, sorry i don't know how to do it so i,ll listen in to any info you get

    good luck

  • garjobogarjobo Posts: 85

    Thanks for all the replies, Alan i will try do a search for that builders advice. I do think sticking it up on a breezeblock or sleeper does really benefit a greenhouse - in terms of height space once inside..just a shame you then have that step!


    Thanks again for the speedy responces. Any ideas of where to purchase a greenhouse?? any reliable fav's on te' internet? please let me know. thanks


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