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Another shrivelled bamboo query...

Hi all, I had read another thread aboout a shrivelled and dry bamboo and had wondered what to do with mine which had suffered last year - so Im starting a new thread.... What I am thinking is that since I have spotted two or three new growths at base of plant, should I divide up the big clump into a few smaller, or is one new shoot not enough to warrant this? I had been thinking of thinning out all dead looking stems but then thats the whole plant..!


  • Leave it alone until later in the year to see what else it does. If there are a lot of dead stems, take it out of the pot, remove all dead growth and repot in fresh compost. May/June would be a good time to do this.

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,488

    I would keep it well watered and out of the wind. Wind can cause it to look worse than it is.

  • Dani4Dani4 Posts: 2

    You could try giving it a generous mulch of horse manure, and keep the soil moist with rainwater. Don't cut or divide it yet, even canes that look dead now will quite likely burst back into life when it warms up.



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