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replacing soil (incl. groundelder)

There is a lot of groundelder in the garden, only found out this year what it was... so have got rid of 2 metres in the border and a few more to go. Also a lot of stones in the ground. My question is I have filled the soil and where the ground elder plants were with compost. I've read somewhere about mixing layers with "mulch". Is it ok to just use compost? or should I be mixing it with something?


  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Posts: 82,782

    When you say 'compost' do you mean the bagged multi-purpose compost that you can buy from garden centres and DIY stores?

    I wouldn't use the above - I would use screened topsoil, with the addition of some well rotted farmyard manure and home-made garden compost or leafmould.  If the last isn't available I'd get bags of 'soil conditioner' from garden centres.

    Multi-purpose compost breaks down to dust very quickly -i n my experience it's really only suitable for short term planting in containers  image

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  • EsspeeEsspee Posts: 274

    When you say you have got rid of 2 metres of ground elder you have to be aware that little pieces of root will regenerate so you have to keep an eye on the area and dig out or spray new shoots.  You might want to consider planting through landscape fabric in that area.

  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 33,759

    I'd say if you've removed it by hand, it's still going to be there as esspee suggests.

    Sorry to all the organic types , but the only real way to get rid of it ,is by spraying with glyphosate ( roundup ) 

    Unless you want to spend the rest of your life weeding out the bits you've missed.

  • BanditaBandita Posts: 35

    We dug up the weeds plus soil, about 15 cms deep, maybe 20cms so quite deep. Have planted new plants in the first metre in July, only a few have come back. Got rid of the second metre of border and again only a few on the side have come back. Still have loads in the grass and on the path (between slabs). Maybe I should spray the ones between the slabs/path stones. Anyway, apart from compost I wouldn't know what to replace it with. Still have a large bag left. 

    I will need to use up the bag. Given that I'm not experienced, is it really wrong to use compost? 

    What is screened topsoil and where do you get that?

  • BanditaBandita Posts: 35

    Thanks Hostafan1 for the spray, think i might use that on the path, after I have looked the stuff up. 

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