When to prune Arabis alpina "snowcap"

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Hi everyone, bought a few of these a while ago. Had flowers last Spring and it has survived the winter but has gone rather empty in the middle. It's flowering well now and has grown a lot. There some growth in the middle but not much. I really like this plant, evergreen over the winter and a quick grower.

I saw on GW a few weeks ago, one solution is to dig up and split. In my eyes it  doesn't look like a plant that lends itself to that type of treatment. 

I'm just wondering if this plant needs some pruning after it flowers, a bit like Aubriettas.

Thanks for any information.


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    HH -I have a white variety which has flowered constantly since it was bought last year for filling holes in a sandstone wall in last house. I had 1 left over so it's come with me to new house and has flowered all winter in its container. They're really like aubretias - mine were in a very exposed spot but had good drainage as they were in the wall, and I just trim old flowers off. Has it maybe got a bit waterlogged in the middle? Some might be more fragile than others but if it's growing now it's probably fine.  

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    I have hard pruned them before with good results. I have a pink one hanging over the edge of a planter which looked so pretty last year that I couldn't bring myself to prune it and now it's flowering near the compost and at the end but there is a big brown patch in the middle. When it's finished flowering I shall cut off all the overhanging bit.

  • hollie hockhollie hock Posts: 3,344

    Thanks for your replies. Learnt last year the the aubriettas do respond to a hard prune after flowering so will give this the same treatment

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