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My pear tree did not have any fruits last year was it due to whole tree leaves were covers in oranage spots? If so what treatment i can do to assist the tree to be healty again?

Also my apple tree did nor bear any fruits either last year.  The year before it was full of apples.


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    Hi preksha, that is Pear Rust and all you can do is inspect the tree regularly and remove any leaves which have the orange spots.  According to the RHS there is no chemical control, unfortunately.

    Lots of us had no apples last year.  It was due to lack of bees to pollinate them.  The early heatwave we had encouraged the trees to flower, but then it went cold and the bees stayed at home.  You can try hand-pollinating them using a small, soft paintbrush etc (a makeup brush works well.)  This will only work if you have self-pollinating apples, or if you have more than one tree in blossom, in which case keep going from tree to tree to try and get a mix of pollen on the brush.  

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  • Hi,

    We have just moved into a new house, with a lovely garden (so I expect we will be frequenting these forums quite regularly ...).  There are a few apple trees and a pear tree in the garden - and the pear tree appears to be suffering from what I believe (from internet searching) to be "pear rust".  There were signs of fruit on the tree a couple of weeks ago, but now they have all dropped off and most of the leaves are covered in the orange spots.

    Is there anything that we can do to save this tree ?  I know we are unlikely to get a crop this year, but can we restore it to health for next year ?  What about risks to the 5 or so apple trees either side of it - are they at risk ?

    Thanks for any help & advice,

    Jon & Christine

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    Pear rust is a leaf fungus and affects a tree differently each year - sometimes it will have no effect and in other years it may well be particularly bad and stress the tree badly so it will drop its fruit.  Nothing you can do really other than make sure the tree is well fed.  It only affects pear trees, so your apples won't be affected. image

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  • hi Bob the gardener.

    Thank you. My apple tree died last year not sure want went wrong. this year we had lots of pear fruit and now have only few. I.e about 10 on a whole tree...I have got the feed from the garden centre and have been feeding it and spraying the fruit friendly spray on the leaves too... lets hope that it does not affect the new planted apple tree.

    thank you


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    Do you have a juniper tree nearby?

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