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is there still time to plant new plants

Can I still plant new plants in the garden? I saw some nice purple plants in a plant shop and wondered if there's still time to plant new plants or has the season passed? I'm a beginning gardener and the garden needs some work. 



  • paulk2paulk2 Posts: 184

    Yes you can - September is a good time to plant herbaceous perennials. September/October is also a good time to plant daffodils and other spring flowering bulbs like alliums for instance.

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,546

    Im still planting like mad! I thought anytime was ok except for when it's frozen?

    or are you talking summer bedding plants bandita? image

  • BanditaBandita Posts: 35

    Thanks, haven't got them yet. Hope they still have them, was only a small shop I passed at lunchtime. I'll let you know what they are. 

  • BanditaBandita Posts: 35

    Don't think they're summer bedding plants, are they the low by the ground plants? Sorry not sure about terminology. Herbaceous perennials, I have thought about sage as saw it at a friend's house and looked good. I take it the garden centre still have those then? 

  • Beaus MumBeaus Mum Posts: 3,546

    Summer bedding plants just last the summer and then you take them up at first frosts image

    herbaceous perrenials come back year after year, they do die right back to ground level over winter and then start re appearing in the spring 

    Sage is a herb and should last all year round and think also ok in the frosts, and yes garden centre should still have image


  • BanditaBandita Posts: 35

    They were Campanulas my low ones, looked v nice but didn't last v long, well the flowers didn't, planted them in July. The other one has been great a Salvia, quite tall. Thank you all for your tips. Just looked up the campanula, it's a herbaceous perennial, all that terminology. lol. 

  • It depends where you live and what the weather is like.   But if you're in the UK you'll be o.k. providing as others have said it's perennial.   Annuals are pretty much a waste of money this time of year.

    It depends what sort of things you're thinking of planting.     But even if you're in the sunny south somewhere I'd not personally advice anything that isn't hardy perennial.

    I often pick up bargain perennials late August / September.   Things like campanula which you mentioned are about past their best.   They are however one of my favourites for huge display.   Give them a month and they will be past their best and the price ordinarily reduces.

    I've a heck of a lot of campanula and dependent on what variety you're looking at it will be absolutely fine to plant now.       I've cut loads of mine back today (second photo and because they're really starting to die back).

    IF it's in flower then it won't be for long and when they start to die off you will just cut them back and leave them for a fabulous show next year.

    Here's some of mine and I only have very hardy perennials so you can see if there's anything there that looks like what you're wanting to get:







  • BanditaBandita Posts: 35

     It's this one I have, only one though. NL2 nice pictures. What's the yellow one they look nice and although I love purple, to have some yellow as well that would be good. My campanula stayed very small probably planted it too late. Hoping for a bigger healthier plant next year. It f.lowered for a few weeks and then the flowers disappeared and the plant didn't get any bigger

    @Verdun, take cuttings? I have done some multiplying of indoor plants before. Will have to look into it, this Saliva I got has done very well. Planted it and the campanula mid July. 

    I really enjoy talking with you about gardening. My main job is still getting rid of ground elder, can't do it on my own, the ground is too hard, so have to wait until my partner has time. image which brings me to my next question. I'll post a new one.

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