what jobs done over easter.

Hi what have people done over the weekend, i managed to get some french dwarf beans in but have covered with a fleece as still cold in wiltshire, seed looking slow in the Polly tunnel cos lettuce coming though and rocket looking well, onion sets covered over outside slowly growing.


  • flowering roseflowering rose Posts: 1,632

    plant everlasting sweet peas,dug up some yellow celandines growing in the wrong place,water new plants,potted Camellia into new big pot and then turned blue with the cold,me that is.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,054


    No, not quite true. I took the lids off the babies in the unheated propagators in the morning and put them back in the evening.

  • BobTheGardenerBobTheGardener LeicsPosts: 6,357

    I've finally sown most of those seeds which don't require a lot of warmth into trays and modules, about a month later than I would normally have done!  Also planted 60 broad beans into small pots in the GH and finally planted tomato seeds into modules in windowsill propagators in the south-facing front room bay (they're usually up in 4 days as it's so warm in there, after which they'll go into the cooler conservatory for a while.)  Hoping that by the time the toms are ready to be transferred from modules to small pots that the weather will have turned and they can grow-on uninterrupted in the GH with maximum light, otherwise I'll have run out of space in the conservatory, which is still full of potted-on perennial plug plants which can't go outside yet as it's too blummin cold (-5.6C at 6am on Sunday morning!)

    Well, that's how the "plan" is going so far..image

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    Went to the glassery (what ever you call them) and brought some glass for my poor greenhouse. 9 panes had been smashed by the winter wind. I also planted my peas, onion and lettuce seeds (A tad late??!) they are now sitting comfortably in the spare bedroom windowsill where its nice and toasty.

  • Pennine PetalPennine Petal Posts: 1,541
    None, cold and snowy in my garden.
  • Not much other than continue to move snow off plants. Hoping that the weather changes soon as I am running out of space in the house and greenhouse.

  • Thanks folks some interesting feedback, no snow here in wiltshire, sunny now i have come in from garden, at least the sun will warm the polytunnel a bit.

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    Barbary gardener, are your French dwarf beans in a polytunnel? I hope so, they aren't frost proof. But would that be warm enough at night? I live in SW France and I don't sow them outside until May or 2nd half April in the greenhouse. Our frosts are usually over by end of April.

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    Well as I was suffering from the lurgy, expeditions into the garden were limited to when my OH wasn't keeping an eye on me image, but I did have a quick wander around - my autumn sown broad beans are looking great, very happy with those.  The earliest sown row of Swiss Chard has survived the winter (we've even had a couple of pickings off it) but the later sown is looking pathetic.  I've looked hard to see if there are any buds swelling on the new pear and gooseberry bushes, but it was probably wishful thinking image

    In the flower borders some little dark purple Wanda primroses are smiling, as are the wild ones.  The blue pulmonarias are budding up, but the white one is only just peeking through the soil.  Some tubs of crocuses are looking amazing, and the Fritillary Imperialis is shooting up.  

    Under the forcing pot, the rhubarb will soon give me a third picking.

    And yes, as well as wandering and looking I did actually do something - I've taken some pelargonium cuttings and started my tomato seeds of in a windowsill propagator on the dining room windowsill.

    I prophesy that the weather will warm up around 20th April imageimage fingers very crossed !!!

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    20th April not soon enough Dove. I want it now

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    I have planted my onion sets and turned the plot that I am going to grow red duke of York seed spud and queens 2nd early I have also made fresh compost beds for my Pumpkins and squash later on in the year .


  • marshmellomarshmello Posts: 683

    Done no planting but cleaned shed, greenhouse and polytunnel - just waiting for a break in the weather and you know what.....

    .....I see blue sky. image

  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 10,178

    Daily turning of seedlings to keep them straight.   Friday and Saturday spent clearing the barn and bullshed ready for a team of chaps to come and do damp-proofing tomorrow.   They'll be here a week or so drilling holes and injecting product in walls so more clearing of house and garage this week to give them access.  OH has the week off and won't know what's hit him by the time we're done.

    Yesterday I did manage to do some garden stuff too.  Tess of the D'urbevilles rose dug up and potted so her trellis can come down and make way for a digger to prepare the ground for a concrete base for the new shed which has just arrived today.   Dug up my long suffering fig and planted it in the greenhouse.   Potted up viola plugs to grow on plus Russel lupins, more toms and some PSB.  More herbs and PSB to do today.

    Later I have to get clean for foot physio but am hoping OH will continue trips to the dump with crud and then start hoeing the veggie beds.   Wavre market tomorrow to meet friends and buy some luscious plants.

    Lots to do so best crack on tho no outdoor planting yet as it's still perishing so I also have a daily inning and outing of plants hardening off.

    The Vendée, France
  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Jet washed all the patio - well OH did. I washed all pots , transplanted some bits and pieces into my new border where we have installed a new water feature and lobbed all pot feet and garden ornaments in dishwasher. image

    Weather was kind for once so had a lovely few days in the sunshine. Looking forward to getting it planted once the weather warms up. All babies coming along nicely. image

  • I planted the last of my garlic and did 5 mins of weeding before my fingers were so numb I couldn't feel them.

    I am waiting for the temp. to rise before going out today, lovely sun but freezing wind. I did a couple of hours weeding yesterday, again, bright sun, feezing wind.

  • Andy19Andy19 Posts: 541

    Just finished the job i was dreading turning over the front garden which had not been done in 30 years was polythyne with red chips on top when imoved into the house. Since i took up gardening in Sept done the back first but to my surprise the soil in the front garden was really good stuff just crumbled and has some sand through it as well. Now have to rake it level ready for planting next week with perennials & annuals got alot of plants and seeds in my greenhouse ready to go have had them outside during the daytime for the last 3 days.

  • Cleaned and de-weeded path, cleared patio, shredded and bagged up an apple tree I took down a few weeks ago, mulched two of the beds and tidied up shed. Also brought out table and chairs from the garage ....... now there's (misplaced) confidence in Spring coming in with a vengeance! image
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