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Gardeners and their 4 Legged friends

Read about a few loses on here. people and their animals and the affect it has on them.

As someone already said, it IS like losing one of your family and can take Months to get over.

Let us know (if up to it), the trials and tribulations of what you have went through with your preloved animals, no matter what species And your animals that have made it through hard times and still are with you. 



  • Meant Losses lol image

  • I started this thread as i had read before, on different posts, things going on OR had happened to peoples animals.

    I myself found "My Naya going through Op, 5 days ago, for an "ACL" Her Achillices (soz if wrong spelling) had snapped....image.

    Told we have 85% chance of healing, IF I DO what i have been told by vets lol...(hard when she has picked up) BUT Important that she goes for wee etc, ON the lead.

    Naya & my other dog...Pepsi...Collie cross & my 3 Cats are my life & IF Anything was to happen to any of them, especially Naya as she had came from such a bad home, would kill me....

    Only started this thread after i read about someones friend losing their Rotti.


    what about you lot?

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  • She IS On the Mend....(Hopefully, but early days), told anything up to 4 months to find out.......(Steve the Vet, your Opinion please)??????

  • pansyfacepansyface PEAK DISTRICT DerbyshirePosts: 16,224

    Beautiful photos. Beautiful dogs.

    Apophthegm -  a big word for a small thought.
  • Fishy65Fishy65 Posts: 2,233

    Hi Clarice, I can never turn down a thread about our four legged friends. You may be able to see our two in the avatar. The border terrier is Robbie and the black lab is Lexie.

    Lexie is a rescue dog and has the canine equivalent of PTSD. We have no idea what was done to her but I've witnessed first hand her waking from sleep and being unable to move. Just cowering on the floor and all we can do is sit with her until it passes.

    Thankfully Robbie has been with us since a pup, he's a bit headstrong and thinks he's the business sometimes but that's his character. We wouldn't have it any other way. We had a border called Scamp who died in 2012, he's buried near the pond and is still missed. Also lost a rottweiler way back in 1989

    I totally understand your worries over your dogs. They are family members aren't they image Our two don't have much interest in gardening unless its digging. I'm sure Naya will be back on four legs in no time, 85% is good odds.

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