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moving rubarb

Hi just got an allotment off the council after waiting ove 5 years but already had a private one which was located about 8 miles from my house the new one is only 2 minute walk which is excellent.Anyway i have a good rubarb patch at my old garden which i want to move down to the new one is it still ok to move it or not i have till end of april to hand the keys back i have the new patch ready for it as well as had the garden since october but finaly got it the way i want it after so hard work well very hard work  many thanks


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,848

    There'll be some big lumps of root there but it can be moved. Nothing to lose but it seems like a good time to me.

  • FloBearFloBear Posts: 2,281

    Moving it will damage roots so I would think best to avoid picking this year and give it a chance to establish in its new home.

  • LeggiLeggi Posts: 489
    I'll be splitting mine and potting it up to move tomorrow for the same reason, so yeah, go for it. Though of course be wary of how much you take off them this season, try to get the plants well established first.
  • I'd be splitting mine if I could get a spade/fork in the ground - I'd probably break my ankle if I tried it at the moment. Hopefully it will warm up soon. It was very sunny yesterday but the ground is still frozen image 

  • chicachica Posts: 252

    well shaun i have been moving mine for the last month on my allotment some were even just one bud on a bit of a crown and i thought well if it dies then so be it,as i havent been over the allotment for two weeks,but today went over there and the rhubarb is enormouse and all of it has took.

  • When you move rhubarb it is a good idea to throw away the woody centre root. Break off or cut off with a spade and brute force the new growth and if possible, leave them on the surface of the soil, for a few days, to get a good frosting before replanting.

    Do not pull stems for at least 2yrs to allow the root to become well established. Apply plenty of well rotted manure but do not cover the crown.

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