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A fast growing plant to give me privacy.



  • Great, I'll definitely be dropping some tomato related questions for the resident experts! image

    I have more chillis though (4 different kinds lol). I wonder if I've started everything too late as they are just at the seedling stage now, after 2 weeks, and I was thinking to keep some of them (tomatoes and chillis) outside but it might get too cold by the time they come to fruit. Anyway, I'll save that for a different thread.. lol

    As far as the area in front of the fence, it's usually clear there, just beyond the decking is funky paving and then to the left (behind my house, in the photo) is some very patchy grass. I had originally thought I might plant the vine on that grass patch and then train it along a wire towards the shed. 

    One idea I had previously, somewhat similar to the posts in front of the fence, was that if I attached long L-shape brackets to the current fence, a bracket big enough to extend out by about 1ft.

    Maybe a few of these attached to the fence:

    Then attach a trellis to those, or some bamboo or wire, and grow the vine on that instead, making sure the vine doesn't actually grow on to the fence behind it by pruning it or maybe affixing some netting behind it. Any thoughts about that idea? 

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 73,588

    You needed to have started your tomato seeds back in Feb/March - way too late now, unless you have a heated greenhouse to overwinter them. image

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