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A fast growing plant to give me privacy.



  • Just drink lots of vodka while you consider what to do next Hosta?

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    my faults are legion, but vodka isn't one of them ( can't thing of many more though )

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    Hogweed, I do indeed have a 6 foot close boarded fence but as it was constructed by the speculators who built the estate it wont last long. I have considered planting some 5 feet Lawsonii but my wife is not keen. As a result I intend to erect some chain link fencing at least 12 feet high and plant either Clematis or Honeysuckle plants but I'm looking for advice on what would flourish in a shady area. 

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    Clematis armandii is evergreen, a very strong grower and will tolerate some shade, Large leafed, it flowers white blossoms in spring and sometimes has a second flush in autumn. It would need a strong support as it would get heavy but is lovely. Mine is scented - Apple Blossom is the variety. Plant deep, feed well and you will be richly rewarded.


  • BMLBML Posts: 146

    Many thanks.

  • My Clematis Montana Elizabeth grew 20 feet in it's first year. I planted an Armandii with it for continuity of colour. At about £7 each from Aldi good value too.

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    'chain link fence at least 12 foot high'???? Have you checked your house deeds/local byelaws to see if that is allowed? Most garden fences have to be 6 ft high max. Any higher requires planning permission.
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  • I asked this same question a few days ago, and got just Honeysuckle and Clematis as ideas. 

    Here are some of the options which I've been considering for a while and I think I'm going to go with the first one which should suit my needs. 

    1. Bamboo or Willow fence using bolt-down fence supports, a few wooden fence posts and a few sheets of bamboo or willow fence. Cost = £70 approx. 

    2. Pub Umbrella, or Garden Parasol with tilt. If you get a large garden umbrella with a tilt, it could be angled to block out the windows maybe?  

    3. Outdoor garden divider (or a robust indoor room divider which can be permanently fixed outside.)

    4. Trellis with growing vines - like Honeysuckle or Clematis, or even Ivy.. or RV? image


  • Tetley wrote (see)

    Hear hear,  listen to hogweed.   image  The best idea out of all these in my humble opinion IS trees.  NOT lawsonii - perhaps silver birch, which would give cover, grow quickly, and not take over or give too much deep shade.

    I was considering a tree too initially but the problem is there was a tree that was cut down in my garden (before I moved in) and the stump is still there. The reason being that it was feared by the previous occupants that the root system of the tree could unsettle the foundations of the house and so it got the chop. I guess it all depends on each individual space but I wouldn't plant a tree too near to the house. 


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