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A fast growing plant to give me privacy.

BMLBML Posts: 151

I would very much welcome some advice as to what sort of plant would create a quick growing screen to give me some privacy. A friend suggested Clematis or Honeysuckle plants grown on trellis is a good option for speedy growth to block the view of the twenty windows that now look directly into my garden. I want to block the invasive view of the newly built estate at the back of where we live. The area is shaded by a Walnut tree and the developers put a six foot fence along my boundary which will protect new plants from wind.  So any suggestions would be welcome.



  • dominomandominoman Posts: 150

    Bamboo looks great and is a fantastic fast growing screen.

    Just make sure you read up on them and fit a containment trench first so they don't take over...

  • I await the forum outcry re planting bamboo.....image

  • It's fine, just plant a couple of pandas beside the bamboo and you are good to go!

  • Tiny01Tiny01 Posts: 72
    I remember a few years ago planting a Russian vine , My great nan called it " mile a minute " she wasn't far wrong bless her !

    Grows quick for sure , but not to great to look at iirc .
  • chris 172chris 172 Posts: 403

    Ha ha both bamboo and Russian vine will take over the plot with not very good appearance . Had them both and was a nightmare every year clipping back. RV as I can remember grew at least ten foot on a year and the weight cost me a new fence

    have since took to honeysuckle which can be kept at bay and have a beautiful climbing yellow rose that is fantastic

    happy gardening

  • LynLyn DevonPosts: 21,141

    I have had three clumps of bamboo in for nearly four years, it hasn't spread, I am waiting for it to grow some canes for me?

    it isn't very tall either, only just six ft now.


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  • hogweedhogweed Central ScotlandPosts: 4,053
    If you already have a 6 foot fence then you will not get much if any, extra privacy by planting climbers on it. I assume the fence is close boarded. You would really need to plant some trees to give you 10-15 feet of height. Unless you are thinking of putting trellis up within the garden round a seating area or such?
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    Steve the Gardening Vet Today at 17:59

    It's fine, just plant a couple of pandas beside the bamboo and you are good to go!

    Brilliant! image

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