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Talkback: Slugs and hedgehogs

Hi You are so lucky to have an hedgehog in your garden, mine is overrun with slugs and I am hoping somebody would give me an hedgehog.Please anybody has one to give away?


  • Lucky you having a hedgehog on your allotment . My neighbour saw a couple of these lovely creatures in our front garden one night , and as I feed he birds in the morning , perhaps there is still some food left for them . I hope so as I do not like to put food out at night as I do not want to encourage rats!!I expect with all the rain we have had this month there will be plenty of slugs for them in my garden.
  • encourage hedgehogs by always leaving a supply of fresh water and a small amount white meat based pet food or cat biscuits (never anything fish based). also dried grass/leaves etc for nesting material, even a rough hibernation box against a sheltered spot or under shed/compost heap. check out for more info.
  • I think it's great that you have left the hedgehog on your allotment. we have a small pond in our garden which has about 2 dozen frogs that are great for keeping the slugs down.can you give me any advice on what i can make at home that will kill or stop aphids
  • My children think i'm mad! But every other night after dark, with torch and bag. My husband and I go slug searching. The first week we started this we collected and disposed of over 100 slugs! This idea was suggested by a nursery that grows Hosta's. I can confirm that our Hosta's and bedding plants have remained in full contact with their leaves since the start of nightly regime...
  • Im so glad you didnt hurt them!!
    im a vet and a keen gardner and i feel so sad when people hurt animlals it makes me cry!!
    Thankyou for not harming them!!
    Is there any spray or cheap method to stop all animals like:cabbage whites , slugs , snails off without harming them like a smell they dont like??
  • Try soaking rhubarb leaves in water until they rot (and smell foul) water brassicas with this concotion and it keeps away most pests.
  • It's good to hear of another allotment holder who is trying to respect wildlife as well as growing food!
    You might like to visit my blog to discover another one!
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