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A challenge of a lawn

Hey there everyone, please see attached pictures of my new houses lawn. We live opposite a field, and I am a stickler for weeds. Yet there are so so many weeds, I want to tackle it head on and start applying weed killer and try to get just the grass growing properly. I need some advice on whether anyone else has ever tried this sort of thing before with a field opposite ... I have a PH soil balance of 8.... Much help with advice of what weed killers to use, and what practice from now to do this right! I dont care if it takes a couple of years I just want to have a pleasant lawn!!! 








  • ObelixxObelixx Posts: 29,857

    I too have a garden that backs on to fields and get all sorts of weeds coming through.   I don't mind clover and speedwell as they are pretty and green but big leaved stuff like plantains and dandelions are a bit obvious.

    You could use glyphosate as a spot weed killer on big stuff like dandelions but otherwise wait till autumn and apply the appropriate weed and feed mixture, following instructions on the pack.

    You can also aerate the lawn by going over it with a large garden fork, piercing the lawn to a depth of several inches and wiggling it about to enlarge the holes.  Then you scatter lawn sand and brush it in.  This will improve the health of the grass roots and let them grow stronger. 

    Lastly, raise the level of the blades.   Healthy grass needs enough leaf to feed strong roots and fight off weeds and that lawn looks scalped.

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  • Jemima3Jemima3 Posts: 5

    I have just moved to a garden where the lawn is mainly weed Including clover.  I would like to use weed killer but I have visiting wagtails and blackbirds. Will the insects return at some stage after I've used weed and feed.

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