new asparagus crowns and frost?

My asparagus crowns arrived 2 days ago, but the ground is still freezing, soaked and the night temperatures forecast to drop to -6 and barely above freezing in the day time, my books make little mention of how warm the earth/air temperatures should be before planting, could you give me some advice on the best thing to do?

Should I put the crowns into a tub of sand/compost until it warms up or will they survive being planted out when the weather and ground is so cold and horrid?!

I am in London


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  • blackestblackest Posts: 623

    Asparagus can be planted from mid-April to late May after the soil has warmed up to about 50 degrees F. (about 10 degrees C )There is no advantage to planting the crowns in cold, wet soils. They will not grow until the soil warms and there is danger of the plants being more susceptible to Fusarium crown rot if crowns are exposed to cold, wet soils over a prolonged period.

    Your sand compost idea seems reasonable, but even so they don't want to be outside yet. indoors for a couple of weeks yet. I would read that page it has plenty of information on how and where to plant them. 

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